​​ ​    In return for holding your own open-houses, I will handle

        the sale of your home for only 1% of the sale price. 

Hello, folks, my name is Clinton Paquette. 
The day of having to negotiate for a lower percentage rate is over. Because my real estate company is no longer a multiple listing service (MLS) member, I've been able to reduce my total commission from a high of 6%, down to only 1% of the sale price. To effectively replace the MLS, I now sell homes through my open house marketing concept (you'll hold your own open houses). To help you better understand that concept, I now offer an open house marketing class. And while taking my $50 class would be extremely helpful, it's not mandatory (I will still help you). But if you're really serious about selling your house or condominium, and you like the idea of saving 5% or more in commission, I will present that one hour class in either the privacy of your own home, or at my Sterling Heights office. Class content will include how to properly stage your home for sale, to correctly pricing your home from the beginning, to effectively negotiating the sale price of your home. Furthermore, and equally important, I will suggest to you where to place your open house directional signs. And while some of you may think that the placing of directional signs is not important, you could not be more wrong. You see, if people can't find your house, quickly, they will seek out the next house on their open-house list. Please, don't let this happen. 

Finally, and through your open house efforts, you will find a qualified buyer for your home. After you find that buyer, I will then handle the writing of your purchase agreement, and any subsequent counter-offer. If an addendum or amendment to the contract is needed, I will draft that document as well. From A - Z, I will competently handle the sale of your home. And I will do it for only 1% of the sale price!

                                                  Advertising / Commission Examples
Now, since your home will be advertised in this website, it will need to be open every Sunday from 1-4. If you can't or simply don't want to hold your own open houses, my innovative plan will not work for you. B
ecause all of my advertising is built around the Sunday open house, all of my listings need to be open on that specific day, and from 1-4. To be clear, there are no exceptions to this requirement.        

Having said that, let us now take a look at two example sales. On the sale of a $300,000 home, my compensation would be $3,000. But on a condo deal, closing at only $80,000, my commission would come in at only $800. Big or small sale, all of my deals receive the same degree of attention. Needless to say, the spirit of real competition is alive and well within my real estate brokerage.  

                                                                         The High Commission Problem

Moving on, and for far too long, now, residential real estate commissions have been exorbitantly high. To exacerbate this problem, some real estate agencies are now charging even more than the typical 6% commission. And to my amazement, many of you are actually paying these excessive amounts. Big fees and high commissions, of course, are a consequence of not having real competition in the residential marketplace. My 1% guarantee is an attempt to combat this ongoing problem. 


                                                                                 Home Buyer Awakening 

Even though a multitude of home buyers are no longer using a multiple listing service (MLS) member to help them search for a home (MLS homes are priced too high), many still go on to actually find and buy a for sale by owner (FSBO) dwelling. But why is this happening? Could it be said that an increasing number of home buyers finally understand that the multiple listing service seller has added a big commission to the list price of their home? The answer, of course, is yes. And they won't tolerate it any longer.

                                   I Still Cooperate with Multiple Listing Service Members

Now, even though my real estate company is no longer a multiple listing service (MLS) participant, I still cooperate with multiple listing service members. Their commissions, however, are paid by their clients (the buyers), and not by you, the sellers. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, your total commission will never be more than 1% of your selling price -- guaranteed!      

​                                                             A Written Listing Agreement Is Not Required

Now, since I don't require a written listing agreement, my peers within the real estate industry would tell me that this is a foolish proposition. They would tell me that most of you will not pay a commission unless contractually obligated to do so. Well, having already done much experimenting with my 1% model, I'm happy to report that this is not true. Most of you, in fact, after taking into consideration that you could be paying as much as 6% or more to sell your home, have been more than willing to pay a 1% commission.   


                                                                                      Closing Statement

​The now late, but not forgotten​ , chairman and spokesman for the Chrysler Corporation, Lee Iacocca, would always end his TV commercials by saying : It's now time to lead, follow, or get out of the way. Well, I choose to lead. And my 1% total commission plan is just one testament to my ongoing leadership in the real estate industry. So, whether you're selling or buying a home within the State of Michigan, I'm here to assist you. With that said, you can reach me at 586.443.0125 -- 7 days a week! 

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