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     Only 1% Total Commission!
For Sale by Owner - When it comes to helping you sell your 
                    home, I charge only 1% of the sale price!  

Hello, folks, my name is Clinton Paquette. From this point forward (01/22/17), I charge only 1% total commission to help you sell your home. And because this is a for sale by owner (FSBO) plan, I don't require a written listing agreement. Hence, there is no obligation on your end! 

Now, to insure your success as a for sale by owner seller, it's very important that you take my FSBO class
 (see menu). After taking that class, the possibility of your being able to find a buyer will be greatly enhanced. And when you find that buyer, and only with your permission to proceed, I will then handle your entire real estate transaction for only 1% of the sale price. It's really that easy and inexpensive!

That's right. The day of having to negotiate for a lower percentage rate is over. Since I'm no longer a multiple listing service (MLS) member, I've been able to reduce my commission from a high of 6%, down to only 1%. As a result, I can save you thousands of dollars at the real estate closing table. On a $200,000 sale, for example, this is a huge savings of $10,000! Needless to say, the spirit of real competition is alive and well within my brokerage.  
Moving on, and for far too long, now, real estate commissions have been exorbitantly high. Big fees and high commissions, of course, are a consequence of not having  real competition in both the commercial and residential markets. My 1% guarantee is an attempt to combat this ongoing problem.

Now, since I require nothing in writing, my peers within the real estate industry would tell me that  this is a foolish proposition. They would tell me that most of you will not pay a commission unless contractually obligated to do so. Well, having already done much experimenting with this 1% model, I'm happy to report that this is not true. Most of you, in fact, after taking into consideration that you could be paying as much as 6% or more, have been more than willing to pay me a 1% commission.  

So, if you need or want to sell,  give me a call, today. This is a better way to sell your home, and for much less. Even better, my
for sale by owner model is here to stay!