Paquette Realty                             

                                                 Introduction / Insight

Hello, my name is Clinton Paquette. And I'm the founder of Paquette Realty. Since 1994, I've been selling and leasing homes, commercial properties, and businesses in the State of Michigan. Since 2009, however, I've been doing these sales and leases as an independent real estate brokerage, and not as a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). And while it's been ok to be an independent practitioner for this period of time, I now have the desire to rejoin NAR (I'm a former member), and expand my real estate brokerage.

Having said that, I'm not seeking to become just another member office among other member offices within a multiple listing service (MLS) organization. This, in my opinion, would be rather boring, and a negative addition to NAR. My objective, instead, is to build Paquette Realty into a model real estate company that is a positive force within its industry. If I can accomplish this, the  National Association of Realtors would benefit as a whole. And I, personally,  would be very proud to have contributed my part.

                 Experienced Agents -- Is it time for change?
Even in the turbulent waters of our daily existence, many of us are still slow to change course for the better. But when conditions are such that they threaten to overtake us, emotionally, it is then time for immediate change. If that need for something better brings you into my office, I can offer you long-term stability, and therefore a brighter future as a Realtor.

To elaborate, my office offers a professional, yet relaxed atmosphere that will enable you to perform to the best of your ability. As you evolve in your profession, moreover, you'll receive my undivided assistance. Equally important, you will also get the support of other Realtors within the office. Conversely, we could also benefit from your real estate experience. Needless to say, I value both individualism and the team effort. The two attributes can only result in a stronger, more competitive office.        

               Newly Licensed Agents or soon-to-be Licensed Agents 
Oh, how the time flies. Even though many years have come and gone, it really only seems like yesterday that I received my letter in the mail, notifying me that I had passed my real estate examination. With the receiving of that professionally drafted piece of paper, my hopes and dreams had all come to fruition; my diligence had finally paid off.

Recently, many of you have also received your mailed confirmation. So, the culmination of your efforts have also been rewarded.   

With that said, if you haven't already signed on with a real estate brokerage, you will now be burdened with the task of doing so. In your search, I only ask that you make one of your calls to my office. Just recently, I've put together a comprehensive plan that will help to launch your real estate career as a Realtor. To discuss the details of this plan, call me at 586.443.0125. 


         In brief, the following is what my realty company offers:

* Work from our office or your home         
* $50 per month office fee -- this covers internet, forms, coffee and much more. 
   (Please keep in mind that you will also have to pay for your monthly MLS fee).
* 24/7 building access -- no alarms or codes to deal with: you'll get your own door key!
* Floor time is voluntary -- always!  
* Men's and Women's Restrooms 
* Open Office Concept
                Here's our 100% commission plan for 2016:

Beginning  January 1, 2016, we take all of your commissions up to $5,000. After you pay us that $5,000, you will then be on a 100% commission program, minus only $300 per closed transaction for the balance of the year. All agents will be on this January 1 through December 31 plan. Come January 1 of 2017, the commission structure will start anew. The plan is that easy to understand. It's also one of the best in the real estate industry!      

                          Realtors Wanted
Come Join us in 2016. It's going to be an exciting year!