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                                                $500 Flat-Rate
Preface:   Hello, folks, my name is Clinton Paquette. I'm the founder and owner of Paquette Realty. For far too long, now, real estate commissions and fees have been exorbitantly high. Big fees and high commissions, of course, are a consequence of not having real competition in the residential marketplace. To combat this ongoing problem, I'm now offering to write lease agreements and offer-to-purchase contracts for only $500 each. To take advantage of this offer, you need only to find your own tenant or buyer for your home. If you're willing to do that, I can save you thousands of dollars.    

That's right. The day of having to negotiate for a lower percentage rate or fee is over. Since my company is no longer a multiple listing service (MLS) member, I'm now able to offer my real estate services for only $500 per agreement. Needless to say, the spirit of real competition is alive and well within my real estate brokerage. Equally important, I now assist sellers and landlords throughout the State of Michigan. Will you be the next one? As always, I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 
Here's how it works
Upon hearing from you that you have either leased or sold your home, and that you would now like for us to write your l
ease or sale contract, we will email to you our flat-rate agreement page. After you fill it out and return it to us, we will then email to you our request​ for information form. After you complete and return that form, we will then begin the writing of your lease agreement or buy/sell contract. As we need additional information, we will contact you. Please allow for up to 48 hours to receive your completed word document. It's really that easy!   

* When first contacting us, write the words
new order in the subject line of your email. For future correspondence with us, you will then enter      your contract home address into the subject line of your email. This will allow us to quickly locate your contract and answer your questions.  


Payment Terms
We accept cash, money orders and checks. If you're paying cash, you'll need to come in to our Sterling Heights office (call before coming in). But if you're paying by money order or check, make it payable to Paquette Realty and mail it to:   43800 Van Dyke, Ste. 3, Sterling Heights, Mi. 48314. 
                                                                    Example Sale  
                                                          **  Request For Information Form  **       
                                ( The following names and addresses are not real. They are for illustration purposes, only. )

*  seller's names (as stated on driver's license) --  John Smith / Margaret Smith
*  seller's address -- 35642 Overlook Ln. Macomb Township, Mi. 48044
*  Sale Price -- $293,000
*  on or before closing date -- 08/30/18

*  earnest money deposit -- $2,000
*  seller phone number -- 586.000.0000
*  seller email -- johnt@****************.com 

*  buyer's names (as stated on driver's license) -- Jack Johnson / Rose Johnson 
*  lender's name & phone number -- Flag Star Bank:  586.000.0000
*  loan type -- insured conventional

*  loan amount -- $263,700

*  down payment -- $29,300 (10%)

*  home inspection (yes or no) -- Yes, we want to have a home inspection.
*  lead-based paint inspection (yes or no) (see disclosure) -- No, we are waiving our right to conduct a lead-based paint inspection. 
*  buyer phone number -- 248.000.0000

​*  buyer email -- mary@*********************.net