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                                My flat-rate is only $100.

​Hello, folks, my name is Clinton Paquette. I'm the founder and owner of Paquette Realty. After you find a tenant or buyer for your home, I can write your lease agreement or offer-to-purchase contract for only $100.   

That's right. The day of having to negotiate for a lower percentage rate or fee is over. Since my company is no longer a multiple listing service (MLS) member, I'm now able to offer my real estate services for a low flat-rate of only $100 per agreement. As a result, I can save you thousands of dollars on your lease or sale. Needless to say, the spirit of real competition is alive and well within my brokerage.    
Moving on, and for far too long, now, real estate commissions and fees have been exorbitantly high. Big fees and high commissions, of course, are a nsequence of not having  real competition in the residential marketplace. My $100 flat-rate is an attempt to combat this ongoing problem.    
So, if my flat-rate concept is appealing to you, give me a call, today. This is a better way to lease or sell your home, and for much less than what my competitors are charging. Equally important, I now assist homeowners throughout the State of Michigan