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*  Our Disclosure

From the outset, we will disclose, in writing, that we function as transaction coordinators. A transaction coordinator is a licensee who is not acting as an agent of either the seller or the buyer, yet is providing services to complete a real estate transaction. To fully understand the scope of our services, please read this entire page.

                                                                     Transaction Sequence 
1.  Seller's Disclosures    
To start, and before the negotiating and signing of your purchase agreement with the buyer, you will have received from us, or obtained from another source, the seller's disclosure form, and lead-based paint disclosure form. Be sure to completely and honestly answer all questions on these disclosures. Incomplete forms can slow down the processing of a real estate transaction. In some cases, it can even end the negotiating in an otherwise promising deal. The completed disclosures will then be delivered to the buyer. Upon review and acceptance by the buyer,  we will then advance to the writing of your offer-to-purchase contract.   

2.  Request For Information Form 
Upon hearing from you that you have sold your home, and that you would now like to place your order with us, we will email to both you and the buyer our request for information form. After the hyphen in each line, each of you will enter your specific information, and email it back to us. After receiving that information, and the up-to-date home loan pre-approval letter from the buyer, we will then write your purchase agreement. Please allow for up to 48 hours to receive a copy.     

*  When contacting us, write the words
new order in the subject line. For future correspondence with us, you'll then enter your contract home address into the subject line. This will allow us to quickly locate your contract, and then answer your questions. Also, we will never ask you for your social security number or account information. That information, however, shall be required by your closing agent and/or your home loan representative. Thank you in advance for your order. We're looking forward to working with you!      

3.  The Purchase Agreement  
After each of you proof-read the real estate contract for its accuracy, and accept the terms and conditions as set forth in that letter size, 4-page agreement, we will then meet for the formal signing and dating of that contract. That signing will take place at either our Sterling Heights office, or your home.

Now, whether we meet at our office or your home, we'll have copies of your documents. We ask, however, since you already have a fully executed seller's disclosure, and a lead-based paint disclosure form, that you have with you three copies of each form -- one for you, one for the buyer, and one for us. If done this way, you won't have to email them to us, and maybe not have them reach us. This measure will ensure that we have them when we meet. And because we won't have to make copies, it will save us some time. And this, of course, is our objective.      

Also at contract signing, and only if an earnest money deposit is stipulated, the buyer will need to either write a personal check, or have with him a cashier's check, in the stated amount, made payable to the real estate title agency that will hold that deposit. That title company will also prepare the closing documents, and close the real estate transaction. Finally, both you and the buyer will sign the earnest money deposit escrow agreement, adhering to its terms and conditions. 

*  If you wish to choose your own closing agent (title agency or attorney), it's okay. In this scenario, we would coordinate your transaction with that entity.  

4.  Offer Pending
The period between acceptance-of-offer, and the real estate closing, is commonly known as the offer pending period. In this window of time, and before the deal can close, all contract terms and conditions must be satisfied. 

To start, the lending institution will order a property appraisal. Said appraisal will establish a loan-to-value (LTV) amount. Next, the buyer will need to get a firm commitment for that home loan. Third, and in most deals, the offer-to-purchase shall be subject to a satisfactory home inspection by the purchaser. 

Well, you ask, what happens if the aforementioned terms and conditions cannot be satisfied as written? Is there still a way forward with the deal?

Yes, there is. If all parties to the transaction can agree on a fix, we will draft the appropriate amendment or addendum, and attach that document or documents to the existing purchase agreement. At this point, a closing looms in the distance!   

*  If you need the services of a home inspection company, please check out the following websites:

5.  Real Estate Closing / Home Loan Closing
Prior to closing, both you and the buyer will receive a closing package from the closing agent (title agency or attorney). That package will contain and disclose the complete details of your real estate transaction -- information and money disbursement. It will also state the location and date of the closing. Both you and the buyer are expected to review those documents. We too will examine them for their accuracy. A representative from our company will then meet you at the closing. Thank you in advance for choosing us to handle your real estate transaction! 

Request For Information Form 
         ( This form will be sent to you via email. After completing, write the words
new order in subject line -- then send. )
                        *  This example form is for illustration purposes, only. The names and addresses are not real.  

* seller's name (as stated on driver's license) -- John Smith / Margaret Smith
* seller's address (contract address) -- 35642 Overlook Ln. Macomb Twp., Mi. 48044
* sale price -- $293,000
* on or before closing date -- 08/30/17
* earnest money deposit amount -- $2,000
* seller phone number -- 248.000.0000
* seller email --  johnt@* * * * * * * * * *.com      

* buyer's name (as stated on driver's license) -- Jack Johnson / Rose Johnson
* lender's name and phone number -- Flagstar Bank  586.000.0000
* loan type -- Insured Conventional
* loan amount -- $263,700
* down payment -- $29,300 (10%)
* home inspection (yes or no) -- Yes, we want to have a home inspection. 
* lead-based paint inspection (see disclosure) (yes or no) -- No, we are waiving our right to have a lead inspection.  
* buyer phone number -- 586.000.0000
* buyer email -- mary@* * * * * * * * * *.net