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1.  While we handle real estate transactions throughout the State of Michigan, all deals outside of Macomb County are done through email and faxing. The day of meeting face-to-face to carryout a home sale is quickly becoming a thing of the past.   
2.  We function as Transaction Coordinators. A Transaction Coordinator is a licensee who is not acting as an agent of either the seller or the buyer, yet is providing services to complete a real estate transaction. To fully understand the scope of our services, please read our place your order post.   
3.  After we help you find a buyer for your home, and only with your permission to proceed, we would then handle your entire real estate transaction for only 1% of the sale price. Our real estate services would include the writing of your offer-to-purchase agreement, any subsequent counter-offers, following up on the home inspection, drafting addendums and or amendments to the purchase agreement, and, coordinating the sale of your home with a real estate title agency. Finally, if we close in Macomb County, we would then meet you at the real estate closing. From A to Z, we will handle the sale of your home for only 1%. 
4.  Always include a list price or asking price in your newspaper and or digital advertising. Without a list price, the buyer will be confused. This confusion could lead to an otherwise serious buyer backing away from your offering. Don't let this happen. 
5.  If you need to sell your home, quickly, don't overprice it. If comparable homes in your neighborhood or area are selling for less, most buyers will choose to buy one of those comparable homes. When selling your home, you need to know what's being offered in your area. To ignore the facts is foolish, and will result in failure.     
6.  If you need a seller's disclosure form, and or a lead based paint disclosure form, we have them at our Sterling Heights office. Please call before coming in.  
7.  We don't hold earnest money deposits. If the real estate transaction is in Macomb County, we would execute with both the  the seller and buyer an earnest money deposit escrow agreement. We would then deliver that escrow agreement and earnest money deposit to that closing agent. If the deal, however, is outside of Macomb County, the purchaser or seller shall be responsible for delivering said deposit and escrow agreement to the closing agency. A copy of that agreement would then be forwarded to us. For more information on earnest money deposits, please visit our place your order post. When there, read item number 4, the purchase agreement.
8.  Because of internet viruses, we don't open emails with empty subject lines. So, when contacting us, please enter a subject into that space. The failure to do so will delay the processing of your deal.   
9.  The more you study our open house marketing plan, and our website as a whole, the better equipped you will be to find a buyer for your home. Because many sellers disregard this crucial advice, they go down in defeat. Don't be the next one!  
10.  In Michigan, a legally binding real estate contract does not require an earnest money deposit. 
11.  After placing your order, your deal will move along at a brisk pace. In order for us to maintain that momentum, however, you must respond to our requests in a timely manner. A slow response will only delay the processing of your sale.
12.  We accept calls 24/7. If you don't get an answer when placing your call, leave a brief message. Someone will call you back ASAP. The number to call is 586.443.0125.

13.  We will never ask for your social security number or account information. That information, however, shall be required by your closing agent and/or your home loan representative.  
14.  Finally, don't become overwhelmed with all of this instruction and information. If you choose to use our real estate services, we will guide you through the process via email and phone calls. But you need to find a buyer, first.