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 Hello, folks,  my name is Clinton Paquette. If you're interested in learning how to sell your own home, my one hour FSBO class will enable you to do just that. You need only to call or send email to schedule an appointment. If you choose to call, my cell phone number is 586.443.0125. But if your choice is to send email, instead, enter the words office appointment or home appointment into the subject line. I will get back to you ASAP.

Now, though we will discuss much in the FSBO class, we will primarily focus on two areas of the home selling process: 

       1.  How to competitively price your home in a highly competitive housing market
       2. How to market your home without using a multiple listing service (MLS)

If you don't get the above two right, you will never find a buyer for your home. It's really that important!

With that said, many of you would argue that you could easily obtain a FSBO package at your local real estate title agency, and at no cost to you. And while this is correct, you would not, however, get the step-by-step instruction that I offer in my $20 class. This is what you're paying for. You see, if you don't know how to go about properly pricing and marketing your home, free forms will not help you. The purchase agreement and other forms are used only after you find the buyer. The hard part is finding that person who wants to buy your house. This, to a large extent, is what I focus on.

Remember, folks, if you can't sell your house on your own, you will retain the services of a real estate brokerage, and at a very high commission rate. So, is it better to first pay $20 upfront, and therefore increase the possibility of selling your house on your own? Or, is it better to pay a large real estate commission at the closing table, having not even tried to implement my $20 plan? You decide.
Payment Terms:   Cash or Check ( make check payable to Paquette Realty ).    

Note :   After I help you find a buyer for your home, and only with your permission to proceed, I would then handle your entire real estate transaction for only 1% of the sale price. My real estate services would include the writing of your offer-to-purchase agreement, any subsequent counter-offers, addendums and amendments to the purchase agreement, following up on the home inspection, and, coordinating the sale of your home with a real estate title agency. Finally, I would then meet you at the real estate closing. From A to Z, I will handle the sale of your home for only 1% of the sale price. Who said you can't have it all?    

Broker Agency Disclosure :  Transaction Coordinator -- A transaction coordinator is a licensee who is not acting as an agent of either the seller or the buyer, yet is providing services to complete a real estate transaction.        

Class Location :  My office is located in the Henriksen's Golf Range Facility, which is located on the east side of Van Dyke at 19 1/2 Mile Road. Enter the building from the Van Dyke Avenue side. My office is the first door on the right.       

Home Appointments :  If you can't, or simply don't want to attend one of my office classes, I will bring the one hour class to your home or office. If you choose this option, the same low price of only $20 per person will apply. With that said, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!